Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wallpaper magic!

It has been a while since I have written to you…

I've been extremely busy with some amazing homes, that I have the privilege, along with my business partner Laura, to decorate.

In one of these homes, we are decorating a gorgeous little girls room where we are using amazing wallpaper… (all will be revealed at a later date… stay tuned!)

That got me thinking of all the amazing wallpaper and decals that are available and the many creative ways you can use it to decorate kids rooms and nurseries…

this is the amazing magnetic wallpaper from Groovy Magnets

Stripes… Elegant!

Horsing around… Scandinavian Inspired!

There is so much awesomeness here...

A fave of mine… these are stickers that you add!

Another Scandi styled room!  pretty without prissy!

Aqua and burnt orange what a great combination...

Now this is so pretty… for a pretty princess… 

European influences here...

Sophisticated and cool!

These wall stickers are so fresh...

Miffy and spots!  Cuteness overload!

Hope this has been inspiring for you…

I will be featuring many rooms in weeks to come and if you want a theme or something specific just let me know!

Chat soon!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Patrick Dempey's Malibu home designed by Frank Gehry

Of course popular TV doc dubbed with McDreamy will have a Dreamy home...

Patrick Dempsey with wife Jillian, daughter Talula,
sons Sullivan and Darby, and Horton the dog!

The actor and his wife, Jillian, have adapted one of Frank Gehry's earlier pieces into a bright, vibrant, welcoming family home.

Dubbed "Tin House" by previous owners, the house was conceived in 1960

Vibrant light fills the entrance.

A vintage daybed and rug set the mood of the house

The kitchen features a concrete sink and counter tops

Can't help but notice the red knobs of the Wolf range!

The elegant yet casual living room has many timeless pieces along with some amazing artwork from Thomas Helbig along with sculpture by Jillian Dempsey.

Jillian Dempsey's sculpture studio has been designed to be used as both a creative space as well as a living space.

Love both the leather daybed and the Morrocan rug!

Recycled timber decking, surround the swimming pool...

The beautiful silver/green leaves of the olive tree, perfect shade!

Flower, herbs and vegetable are set in raised garden bed on recycle timber.

A vintage caravan as a green room! Insane! 

Hope you have enjoyed this gorgeous family house...

Chat soon!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Teenage girls rooms!

As a mum of 2 teenagers, (1 of which is a girl)  let me tell you a few thing about decorating teenage girl rooms:

They spend a lot of time in there rooms...

So make sure that they love their rooms and they are surrounded by things they love!

Their bed has lots of pillows for them to chill, also to disguise the fact that they haven't made their bed!

They have a really comfy bed, lord knows they sleep a lot!

Because they spend a lot of time in there make sure they have a good desk, chair for study (or Facebook...)!

They are messy!

I guess that maybe the design of their room is a bit "relaxed" so it looks like its meant to be a little messy!

Their clothes/shoes/jewellery/bags/make-up is everywhere...

Again, storage boxes/containers/cupboards... every little bit helps... and if it can be designer (ie Tiffany/Hermes/Chanel packaging!), bonus... as no doubt it will be on Facebook/instagram/tumblr!

Chat soon!


Monday, December 30, 2013

2013.... Glad it's over!

This time of the year I always do my little reflection post... This one, I don't know where to start... I want to cry and laugh and cry and laugh!  That was 2013 for me... a rollercoaster!  So let's just say, without a shadow of a doubt, I am so glad it's December 30th and it's almost over!

Here goes...

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to my man... Not a great start in a wheelchair!  Argh! Missing my sun and tan and beach and fun of summer... Surprise Benita... you have a brand new car (papou surprised her!)... Happy 18th to my baby girl!... Year 12 for my little man!  Winter buying... Thank God for Anna and Benita... hard to do appointments in a wheelchair!... New season starts arriving! More Thank God for Anna and Benita... More surgery... Yeah off the wheelchair... Back to the shop! Anna is going to Singapore... Life is never going to be the same at Little by Little... Bali! Yeah for some me and hubby time! Finally have my tan! ... Introducing  homewares... Oh the fun... must stop buying everything for me!... Anna is gone (sad/snotty/teary face)! Bring on new season... Ahhhh! Summer is finally here! (fashion that is...) Zimmermann, Desigual, Minti, Paperwings!... Bye Bye to Bluff Road Black Rock... a few months online! Pop-up shop! Thank you Kirsty from Syrup ... cupcakes and champagne!  what more does a girl want! Welcome back Lelli Kelly Shoes... Hello Balcombe Road Black Rock...  Bye Bye Keats St! Exams for Dean!  Argh! nervous/anxious/wish-I-sat-them... Rock Your Baby, Photoshoot with Red Rabbit and gorgeous Meika... Both my babies are away... Results! Yeah! ... Christmas ... family/friends... right about now!

I can't believe the year I have had!

This year I really could not have done it without the unwavering support of my family and friends!  To say they stood by me is an understatement!  To say they pushed and encouraged me is why I am where I am today... To my loyal customers, thank you for your loyalty, friendship and love!  To my little people, what can I say, your smiles/hugs/laughter make this job so easy!

If you could indulge me for a bit I would like to express the biggest thank you to some amazing people... My husband, we are a team even though this year you were the coach.  My babies Benita and Dean, even though they had such huge year of their own, Benita starting uni and Dean doing year 12, they did so so much for me (Dean does the most amazing breakfasts!), Anna Lloyd, who was to me this year just got on with it and did what needed to be done like it was her own business, my cousins, my friends (too many to name individually and you know who you are...)!

Bring on 2014!  So much new, good and different is happening and I can't wait to share it with out!

Enjoy, stay tuned and I really want a serene 2014!

Chat soon!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's going on????

"Oh My God! You're back!"
"So happy to see you back!"
"Missed you!"
"Thought you were going online..."

Let's just say I have heard the above so many times the last couple of weeks... And yes I am back in Black Rock!

What an awesome view! The Black Rock clock tower!

I will start from the start... I closed my bigger store in Black Rock for a number of reasons, a couple of months ago.  My reasons were varied from personal, ie my health/accident, to financial, ie too high rent, to staffing, ie I couldn't work so much.

So I set myself up at home and have been working on Little by Little through my website (have a look... it's pretty cool!).  The online business has been slowly gaining momentum, so I needed to set-up an office/showroom somewhere.  You see when I was working from home, I had many of my beautiful customers wanting to have a base to pick things up from, touch and feel things, try things on.  So with that in mind I siezed the opportunity that this little shop across the road from Fresco and Eco-D presented.  To make things easier I had my friend Christine from Christine Paterson Interiors wanting to move her office away from her home as well...

Some of the new brands we are showcasing... Camilla for kids

So here we are back in Black Rock now at 614 Balcombe Road.  Christine and I share the space, she runs her business and I run mine.  Our businesses are two separate entities and no we are not in business together! I am open Thursday to Saturdays for general shop sales and the other two days I am there by appointment only... I will be increasing the days leading up to Christmas.  I will not stock the same level of quantities that I did before, rather I will be showcasing brands.  This give me the opportunity to showcase new and unique brands rather then the common brands sold everywhere.  This also gives me the added bonus of stocking a few of my favourite womens brands.

Our new space!

Our new corner 

It's a cute little space that I am enjoying working from.  The thing that I have loved the most from being there the last few weeks is seeing my little people again... them dropping by for a hello and seeing their smiley face... Oh and the fact that Davey Mac Ice Cream is 3 doors up!!! 

Really truly THE BEST ICE CREAM! Cherry Frozen Yoghurt from Davey Mac

With that in mind, make sure you pop in and have a look at our new set-up, visit our website for all of our stock, stay tuned for invites to many of our up-coming events and remember to always shop local!

Cupcakes from Jenn CuppaCake from our launch weekend! YUM!

Oh and to Georgia saying that me leaving was like a part of her childhood going, you can't imagine how much that meant to me... Thank you for the love Black Rock/Beaumaris.

Chat soon!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photo shoot!

A couple of weeks ago I had the priviledge of styling a photo shoot for Anthea from Red Rabbit Photography.  The clothes were all Zimmermann kids and the model was Meika.

We were blessed with an amazing spring day which was amazing considering the weather we have had the last few weeks here in Melbourne and the location was at my friends Andrea's amazing home in Sandringham.  Andrea has the most amazing garden and I have had the pleasure of styling a couple of shoots there... (I think she is sick of me asking to "use" her garden!)

Anthea is an amazing photographer and I know that I will be working with her again... She makes everything fun and easy!

As for our young model... what can I say!  Apart from being incredibly beautiful she is a consumate professional!  I can safely say we will be seeing a lot more of Meika!  It was amazing to see her in action... as soon as the camera was aimed at her, Meika would come to life... no direction was needed!  Every frame was perfect!  Amazing!

Here is a small sample of the 233 odd photos that we could have easily used!

Photography: Red Rabbit Photography
Styling: Helen Kolovos
Model: Meika
Fashion and Accessories: Little by Little

Chat soon!